Transform Public Safety

  • Rethink policing as social work.
  • Transition to a skilled and unarmed first responder staff trained to de-escalate crisis situations through nonviolent conflict resolution without incentive to arrest.
  • Build a compassionate, lasting community safety program with more Crisis Intervention Response Units.
  • Eliminate the County’s use of unpaid inmate labor.
  • End shoot-to-kill training practices.
  • Create community advisory boards to hold public safety departments accountable to the people.
  • Decriminalize possession of substances, sex work, and other nonviolent activities.
  • Audit public safety departments to ensure the wellbeing of people incarcerated or under supervision.
  • Ensure scrutinous oversight of EMS and other services for accountability to agreed upon standards.
  • Reduce surveillance infrastructure and eliminate militarized weaponry from public safety departments.

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