As folks reach out with questions and concerns, I would like to share correspondence on the website. This is for transparency, accountability, and, most of all, to grow the involvement of others in our dialogue.

We all stand to learn from each other. Furthermore, our best ideas and best chances of implementing them will come from collective understanding and effort. As the platform states, it is a living document. It will evolve as our conversation continues and the movement grows!

I looked at your website. The things you are proposing sound good but expensive. How will this affect my property tax? Which part of the district do you live in?

[District 6 Resident]
Westwood Hills

Hi [neighbor],

Thanks for reaching out! Please accept my apologies for the delay in my reply.

I’m glad that the platform resonates with you and am interested in talking with you more by phone or in person if you like. Costs of proposals vary, of course, depending on which we’re talking about. Some things on my platform will actually save us money while others will require investment. I’m curious to learn which proposals concern you with regard to cost. Similarly, how people contribute to community funds through taxes and fees can vary widely depending on their personal circumstances. In order to fully answer your questions, it will help to better understand your personal circumstances.

As you may already know, there are ways for us to save money as well as generate revenue beyond just property taxes. I believe a lot can be gained by looking into fees that we can leverage to get large companies and the University to pay their fair share. There are also large sums of money in the current budget that I would advocate for reallocating. Finally, a proactive approach to grant-seeking and collaboration with other institutions will provide us opportunities to pay for some of the proposals on my platform.

When it comes to considering property taxes, as with anything budget related, there are two things that will always take priority for me. 1. Safeguarding against gentrification will remain at the forefront of any housing policies I advocate for. Affordability, therefore, will always be paramount for me and key to that is making sure we don’t levy taxes (or fees) in a manner that furthers financial strain and displacement. 2. I take very seriously the commitment to bring local government out of City Hall and engage in a meaningful way in our district on the neighborhood and personal level. This is an example of where the participatory budgeting element of my platform is especially relevant. Discussions around budgeting, taxation, and the prioritizing of programs will be an ongoing, collaborative effort that evolves over time.

I live in the Kenney Ridge neighborhood, which is down Tallassee Road on Three Oaks Drive.

I hope you enjoyed the sunshine over the weekend and that this week is going well for you! If you’d like to talk more, please give me a call, and leave a message with your phone number if I miss you.

In community,